Recyptacle is all about saving the world, one trashcan at a time. Humans are notorious for the waste they leave behind and its time we make a change. Recyptacle is an innovative trashcan that sorts any items placed within using by using a scanning system enabled by wifi. In the time of the internet, everything can be improved and here is where Recyptacle comes in.

Walking around NYC, it's impossible to find a place without trash littering the streets. The founders of Recyptacle found it unbelievable how little care was put into keeping out world clean. They decided to take matters into their own hands and with the help of government funding, placed recyptacles all over NYC.

As of now, NYS has the typical recycling program where a person separates their waste into regular, paper, and plastic, with hopes of those recyclables actually being reused. In reality, most of the trash is delegated to a landfill and would take generations to decompose. With Recyptacle, we seek to solve this problem from the root and actually reduce, reuse and recycle.

Join us on our journey as we bring Recyptacles to corners near you. Our goal is to make the Recyptacle a world-wide reality and leave our world greater than we found it. Be the change you want to see!